Asbestos Notification

Each year, the Kennewick School District notifies staff and the parents/guardians of students of its Asbestos Management Plan (AMP). The district has established an AMP for each school and building within the district. Every three years facilities are re-inspected by an accredited asbestos inspector. The most recent three-year inspection results are posted at Asbestos containing materials still remaining with the district are 9” x 9” floor tile, floor tile mastic, fire doors, chalk boards and cement asbestos board in the Fruitland Building, Old Annex Gym, and some vinyl flooring in the restrooms at Legacy High School. Several other buildings have floor tile mastic which contains asbestos under non-asbestos floor tile. Copies of the updated AMP are available for review in each of the buildings, or the MTS Building at 622 N. Kellogg Street during normal working hours. Any questions regarding asbestos containing materials should be directed to Maintenance and Operations Manager Keith Colee at (509) 222-5867.