Community Education 
Winter  2015

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   Community Education

1000 West 4th Avenue

Kennewick, Washington 99336


Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30p.m. 

Office: (509) 222-5080

Fax: (509) 222-5137

Email: communityed@ksd.org





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Call our office for wait lists on sold out classes.

1/20 Tue.  Beginning German 

1/20 Tue.  Russian III             
1/20 Tue.  Intermediate Japanese                     
1/20 Tue.  Beginning Sign Language                
1/20 Tue.  Beginning Foil Fencing                
1/20 Tue.  Beginning Guitar   
1/20 Tue.  Beginning Spanish 
1/21 Wed. Advance Japanese 
1/22 Thu.  Russian I                
1/22 Thu.  Beginning Japanese                
1/22 Thu.  Intermediate Foil Fencing                
1/26 Mon. Russian II              
1/26 Mon. Working with Wood
1/26 Mon. Learn to Knit
1/26 Mon. Intermediate Sign Language
1/27 Tue.  Facebook for Business Series
1/27 Tue.  Food Entrepreneurship
2/02 Mon. Beginner II Knit a Scarf
2/05 Thu.  Beginner II Crochet a Scarf
2/05 Thu.  Discovering Stories: The Art of a Tale to Tell
2/11 Wed. AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
2/17 Thu.  Intermediate Spanish
2/23 Mon. Learn to Crochet
2/26 Thu.  The Art of Japanese Calligraphy Series



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Call our office for wait lists on sold out classes.

1/20 Tue.  Common Core Elementary Math
1/21 Wed. You Versus Mr. Movie
1/22 Thu.  Soups
1/23 Fri.    Facebook for Beginners
1/24 Sat.   Watercolor Painting: Lunarscape
1/24 Sat.   How to Create Positive Beginnings
1/24 Sat.   When Caring is Too Much
1/24 Sat.   Hanford-1976 Accident
1/24 Sat.   1-Bag Travel
1/24 Sat.   Travel to Belize
1/24 Sat.   Beginning Fly Tying
1/27 Tue.  Intro to Microsoft Word 213
1/27 Tue.  All Things Sandwich & Salad
1/28 Wed. Spring Garden Preparation & Pruning
1/29 Thu.  Pan Sauces
1/29 Thu.  Tranquility Oriental Paper Art
2/03 Tue.   Life Drawing: Your Pet
2/04 Wed.  Interior Design: Wall Space
2/04 Wed.  Gardening Success with Containers
2/04 Wed.  It's Your Idea
2/04 Wed.  Myths & Truths About Estate Planning
2/05 Thu.   A Trip Around Asia
2/09 Mon. Painted Valentines
2/10 Tue.  Intro to Microsoft Excel 213
2/10 Tue.  Wood Finishing DIY
2/10 Tue.  Reading Like a Historian
2/11 Wed. Knapping
2/11 Wed. Tomatoes and Peppers
2/11 Wed. Being or Choosing an Executor
2/11 Wed. Learn to Hand Drum
2/12 Thu.  Homemade Vegetable Fried Rice Noodles
2/12 Thu.  Vegan Trade-Offs
2/12 Thu.  Future Forensics
2/12 Thu.  Waraji (Sandal) Workshop
2/12 Thu.  Meet Dragon Dronet

2/17 Tue.  Google +                

2/17 Tue.  Excel Projects        

2/17 Tue.  5 Money Questions                

2/18 Wed. Fix it! For Women: Switches & Outlets 

2/18 Wed. Perpetual Edibles  

2/19 Thu.  Urban Poetry         

2/21 Sat.   How to Create Positive Beginnings  

2/21 Sat.   When Caring is Too Much                

2/21 Sat.   Oh My Aching Back                

2/21 Sat.   To Bee or Not to Bee                

2/21 Sat.   Learn to Sew          

2/21 Sat.   Rice 11   

2/21 Sat.   No Fear Pressure Canning

2/21 Sat.   Pure Sweet Honey

2/21 Sat.    Intro to Fly Fishing

2/23 Mon. Forensic Science Death Scene Investigation

2/23 Mon. Visit Reykjavik, Iceland

2/24 Tue.  Microsoft OneNote

2/25 Wed. Herbs

2/26 Thu.  Homemade Chinese Steamed Rice Noodles

2/26 Thu.  Foundations of Investing

3/02 Mon. Cyber Safety for Parents

3/03 Tue.  Excel Refresher

3/05 Thu.  Camellia Oriental Paper Art

3/05 Thu.  Eggplant Creations

3/05 Thu.  Refinish, Reface or Replace

3/06 Fri.   Pet Portraits

3/07 Sat.   Learn to Sew

3/07 Sat.   Salad Dressings 11

3/07 Sat.   Learn to Cross Stitch

3/07 Sat.   Raising Backyard Chickens

3/07 Sat.   To Bee or Not to Bee

3/07 Sat.   Natural Beekeeping

3/07 Sat.   Therapy Dogs

3/07 Sat.   Aviation History in the Tri-Cities

3/09 Mon. Myths & Truths About Estate Planning

3/10 Tue.  Dinner Norwegian Style

3/12 Thu.  Homemade Juicy Pork and Mustard

3/16 Mon. Being or Choosing an Executor

3/17 Tue.  Frugal Living

3/18 Wed. Unlocking Social Security

3/19 Thu.  Photography: Shoot Like A Pro